SS3 Bungalow

The approach adopted in coming up with the design of this bungalow was contemporary, clean-line and uncluttered. Unpretentious with minimum frills for functional reasons, it has its own intrinsic character with a carefully crafted internal courtyard.

The private, self-contained   courtyard enhances   interactive   focus  of  all  the adjoining  spaces   and   provides   good  natural   lighting   and  cross ventilation  that  filter into  the interiors   from  the central courtyard.

All the bedrooms come with an attached bathroom. The view through the full length glass walls of the master bedroom trimmed with marble finishes and the outdoor shower with skylight create an open space in a luxurious yet calming environment.

Special efforts in carving out additional functional spaces like a pantry to the large Family Area at first floor level, a Golf Store, 2 Powder Rooms and a Car Porch that sufficiently parks 3 cars side-by-side complete a comfortable home located within the quaint and quiet SS3 address