A freehold 3-storey bungalow that is exclusive in many ways. Located in Subang Heights, a serene gated and guarded neighborhood, residents are imbued with a sense of security and peace of mind.

There is plenty of space for each member of the family, with 5+1 spacious rooms as well as 6 bathrooms and 1 powder room. Having nature indoors is a luxury very few have, to be able to enjoy the outdoors within the privacy and comfort of your own home. A landscaped courtyard at the heart of the house enables better cross ventilation as well as natural lighting in the house.

A private lift brings convenience and easy access to each floor. A designated semi-outdoor gym area on the first floor between a balcony and the courtyard offers a great outdoor feel while exercising. After a strenuous workout session, get immediate relaxation on the adjoining balcony. On the top floor, there is ample space for an exclusive and expansive Master Bedroom, Bathroom and Wardrobe. A multi-functional family hall affords your family space for private discussions; quality family or couple time; or a personal office. The choice is yours.